Topic of the Day: Alligator Hair Clips (Day 178)

If you are a person with hair, you probably have hair issues. Reasons why it is hard to style your hair. It might be frizzy or slippery or the wrong length. Whatever it is, you are super happy when you find something that works.
I have lots and lots of fine hair. It is slippery, knots easily, and is too thick to use bobby pins on. Other people can' t understand why I complain until they try to do my hair, and then I feel vindicated because they have a hard time too.
Yesterday I found some great clips at Ardene. Apparently they're called alligator clips. They actually hold most of my hair in an up-do. I only have to use like three bobby pins. It's amazing!
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That's about all I can say. I'm still thrilled to have something to do up-do's with. My hair woes are halWhat f over.
What about you. What do you use for your hair woes?