MVOTD: Steve Taylor (Day 178)

The week continues with music videos of my childhood. Here's one of the boring ones via a more mature Steve Taylor.
Steve was a satirical singer who often wanted to make a point. He had several songs people didn't agree with. For this one, I think that probably many Christians didn't like it because they didn't understand it. I certainly didn't understand the lyrics for a good long time, so that makes sense (considering the phrase "Jesus is for losers" is repeated frequently).
The music video's song, Jesus is for Losers, is about how Jesus is for imperfect people, for people who are willing to lose prestige or power or friends in order to be in relationship with Jesus Christ. The only things that make the music video itself interesting are the location and the special effects (which were duplicated on the cassette cover. Who knew?). This music video is a case of good music with average cinematics. Thus, please enjoy the music and the 90's ness.