No Laggard in Love: Chapter 2 Review

No Laggard in Love, that cheesy book of wonder, continues on in Chapter 2. Last time we saw her, she was driving down a windy road in Scotland during a storm, recounting her life.
Chapter 2
Louise Membury, still driving down curvy Scottish roads in her ancient (10 year old) Forrester, continues to fill us in on her history. It turns out that her niece Lynnette was to meet Alistair (to get married) on Thursday, and was to bring both her engagement ring and a secret sealed packet which she smuggled through “the Customs”. (Is that the British way of saying Customs or was just how they talked in the 70’s?) Anyway, Lynnette managed to elude Louise’s questions about Alistair’s suspicious behavior (because a guy who proposes on a boat is suspicious, no?). Lynnette convinced Louise to go meet Alistair in her place. Thus, Louise taped the secret smuggled package underneath her Forrester’s back seat and set off for Scotland.
Back in the present, Wow-wow is on the trip with Louise and is getting anxious due to the weather. He whimpers and whimpers. However, when the automobile behind Louise causes her to catch a fright and end up in the ditch, there is nary a peep from him (which is odd, because there are two pages dedicated to explain Wow-wow’s scary behaviour to strangers)… even when the dark lanky stranger from that automobile approaches and helps Louise out of the ditch (after reminding her that she has a reverse gear). Later, when the stranger meets Louise at the ferry crossing, Wow-Wow (whose name continues to amaze) does not bark (which is still odd after the two pages dedicated to Wow-Wow's ferocity toward strangers). It turns out that the stranger (who, as far as I can tell, has an afro) smokes the same tobacco as Louise’s dad. That stranger then asks her to drink coffee with him on the side of the road. She doesn’t want to, but…he knows her name. Dun dun dun…