MVOTD: Audio Adrenaline (Day 179)

"....Big House? We're a band?" This was the question I had when it came to which Audio Adrenaline video to post. Finally, I decided. It had to be We're A Band because even though Big House is more interesting I hadn't actually seen it as a child. Therefore, We're A Band from Audio Adrenaline's Don't Censor Me album caps off my week of childhood memory music videos. It was a good music video as a child because the song was good and the camera angles were dramatic. Other than that it was a typical rock group music video.  
For you I imagine it is much the same. For a 90's rock group, it is a pretty good music video. The camera angles are good, although the dramatic camera sweep under people gets repetitive. There is mild change of scene, as one guitarist leaps into the mosh pit and awkwardly lays there on top. ...Of course, it seems like crowd surfing on mosh pits was more of a 90's thing, so that's actually cool.
So it's repetitive on the one side, and very rock on the other side. An average music video in total.