MVOTD: Steve Taylor (Day 175)

Alright. It's time to interrupt MVOTD's normal flow to have a week of childhood memories. My childhood memories to be exact, starting with the oldest music video, Steve Taylor's Lifeboat.
Steve Taylor was a satirical artist/singer, so all his songs have a point. With Lifeboat he made fun of the lifeboat game children were made to play in the 60's, where the children decided who was worth keeping and who wasn't. I think this song makes its point fairly bluntly.
As far as the music video goes, it turns out that Steve was a fairly handsome guy at one point (what does that have to do with music videos?). He is also a very elegant elderly lady (also irrelevant). The children are cute and over the top. The chalk board is great. The lead up is pretty blunt so you will understand that Steve isn't racist/sexist/ageist. The best clip is where Steve is sharpening the pointer stick.
In general it's a pretty good music video, especially considering that it's from the 80's.