MVOTD: SHINee Sherlock (Day 174)

Now that MVOTD has focused on English songs for awhile, it's time to head back to the basics of the daily music video. For that, there is only SHINee's Sherlock, because they are just so curious.
With Sherlock, SHINee returns to the stage...not that they ever left it. This time around they are hard to tell apart. Yep, that's right. Just as I was beginning to be able to tell them apart, they get new looks and age a bit. Clearly I am not in their fanclub, eh. Did anyone else have this issue?
As a music video, Sherlock has some interesting elements. There's the the vaguely North American Aboriginal inspired outfits/jewelry. There's the guy Key wearing giant star spangled boxers/swim shorts with long underwear underneath. There's Taemin with long hair. And then there's my favourite part...the dance move where they trot forwards in formation. That move gets me every time. Their dancing is usually quite complex and interesting, so this one move makes me laugh at little bit. Other than that, I liked the 19th century Englishman look with the retro cameras. Very appealing as a look. It's a nice little music video.