Skip-Beat! Episode 13 Review (Day 160)

Episode 13
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Filming of Gong Xi and Dun He Lian’s drama continues. However, Dun He Lian cannot express love and thus he cannot figure out the character he is supposed to play. Because of this, he gets depressed.
While Dun He Lian is getting depressed, Bu Po Shang is getting fidgety imagining Lian and Gong Xi having romantic couple's dinners. 'Why can’t he concentrate on his work?' is the question on his mind.
Back at the set, Dun He Lian has been told to go home for a couple of days. Gong Xi desperately wants to help him but she doesn’t know how. Then, while wheeling the crazed chicken costume past him, she decides to dress up as a giant chicken so that he can talk about his issues without fear and she can give him advice. Her crazy plan works, but she ends up insulting him lots. Turns out that the ever so attractive Dun He Lian has never been in love. Lian also gets annoyed at people who want him to confide his issues to them and then proceed to not listen. Thus, he tries to pry the chicken head off Gong Xi and succeeds in ripping off….her top feather. How awkward.   
Gong Xi chicken does succeed, eventually, in telling Lian what the symptoms of love are. Ironically, he thinks about that advice in relation to Gong Xi. Gong Xi chicken then tells Dun He Lian to date the one he is thinking of (Gong Xi), in order to improve his acting. She gets jealous of herself because she thinks he likes someone else. Gong Xi and Lian eat together. Mr. Du is happy. Gong Xi unwittingly plots to make Lian date her. Things aren't resolved.
Best quote of the episode? “I never thought that a chicken would teach me the meaning of love.” - Dun He Lian.