MVOTD: Oppa Oppa (Day 160)

It is official. I have great affection for this song. First, because it made me laugh out loud on the first view, and second because it is and continues to be ridiculous. Today's version of Donghae & Eunhyuk's song Oppa Oppa is the most recent in a string of music videos made for the song. This mv is the Japanese version with special guests Shindong and Sungmin of Super Junior.

The Japanese version of Oppa Oppa, probably Super Junior's second official 'original' Japanese language music video (that's right. Dubbing doesn't count), features all the great things in the original version with some lovely twists. Liked the metallic suits? They're back. Liked Donghae slapping Eunhyuk? That's back. Liked the goofy dance? It's back. Like guys who pretend to be bad but aren't actually? That's a new feature. Like random car rides that are clearly filmed in front of a green screen? That's new too. Like cheese? Well, strap yourself in for a wild cheese ride.