Skip-Beat! Episode 12 Review

Episode 12
It is press conference time. The cast and crew of Gong Xi’s new drama are answering questioning very well until, dun dun dun dunnnn, a reporter asks the director why he changed his name. The director…faints. He then has nightmares and wakes up in order to have a discussion with Gong Xi where we find out he has an old flame/friend. Oooooh.
Filming begins on the drama, titled Dark Moon. While Dun He Lian is having no problems, Gong Xi is and they need to discuss them. This gives a good opportunity to stare at Mr. Du being cute. While everyone else gets it, Gong Xi continues to have problems and is continuously yelled at by her predecessor, Ching Jei. However, once Lian stands up for her and she spends a little time alone with Mr. Du (yet ignores him. How can she ignore him?) she figures it out. The problem is, being a method actor, she becomes the character. This leads to awkward situations where she is her character Wei Xu and everybody else is normal.
Dun He Lian once again remembers when he was a fairy giving Gong Xi a present. This time the fairyhood was definite because he was sparkling in the sunlight telling her they were not the same. Yup. Definitely a fairy. Meanwhile Bu Po Shang was finding out that his Gong Xi was in a major drama with his most reviled enemy. Gong Xi, completely unaware that two attractive men were starting to like her acted very well at the shoot and Ching Jei, diva, acknowledged her skills.