Skip-Beat! Episode 11 Review

Episode 11
Gong Xi and Bu Po Shang talk about how Bu Po couldn’t ever comfort her when she was crying so she used to run off in order to cry. He is all angry because he wanted to be able to comfort her, etc., etc. Dun He Lian calls Gong Xi and Bu Po ruins the phone call. Now Lian is jealous with rage and Gong Xi is afraid that he is angry at her for trying to revenge herself on Bu Po.
Gong Xi and Mary find out that it is Jiang Nan Qin’s birthday, so they sneak off to her house to surprise her. What they find though, is Jiang going on a series of role playing jobs. Jiang even runs into Gong Xi when they are both working. This leads to an awkward confrontation and Jiang admitting that her family is HUGE! Okay, only about 4 kids per sibling, but they all live in the same house. Now Gong Xi wants to tell Jiang all her secrets.
Before Gong Xi has the chance to build up her courage, her manager tells her that she is going to be a in a drama with Lian. In order to ask Qin’s advice, Gong Xi first has to spill the beans about her past with Bu Po Shang. Qin, now enlightened, gives Gong Xi good advice and Gong Xi heads over to ask Lian forgiveness for lying to him. First however, she has to scream and run away upon seeing him.
Next, the president of LME has talks with the drama director…in his bathtub (it’s a really big bathtub. But remember kids, this is a clean show so don't imagine any funny business.) in order to tell him that Lian can’t be in his drama (because Lian has a deep inability to show affection. Shh. It’s a secret.). Gong Xi finds out later whilst eavesdropping and tromps in to meet the director and talk about the issue (and have a hissy fit). Meanwhile, Lian meets with the president (insert life-size horse lamp here) to overcome the issue (of his bad romantic acting) because of course he and Gong Xi have to do the drama together, and, through acting together he’ll learn all about romance.
Later, at the drama announcement, the leading lady (not Gong Xi) insults Gong Xi, the director looks ill/is nervous, and Dun He Lian asks Gong Xi if she is ready to surpass the previous drama. What will happen next?