Skip-Beat! Episode 6 Review (Day 142)

Thanks to the lunar new year Skip Beat! was on hold for a week or two. Now it is back to shock and impress us, and impress it does.

Episode 6

Gong Xi was previously challenged to act out a play in a way that LME’s president’s granddaughter, Marie, likes. Like she's supposed to, Gong Xi goes on stage and shocks the naysayers by making minor alterations to the script and tricking the other actor to switch lines. The granddaughter, Marie, deeply identifies with this new version of the play. Cue flashbacks and explanations. Marie then goes to the stage and has a face-off with Gong Xi. Kabam! Marie’s heart is healed and there’s not to do but bring up Gong Xi’s family issues.
Next scene. Gong Xi has made a rival out of Jiang Nan Qin by her superb acting. However, that is not so important because Gong Xi is more interesting in finding the purple emotion sealing stone she lost. In pursuit of the stone, she runs into Dun He Lian (Siwon) and flips him the bird. He finds this entertaining for some reason, maybe because it was he who gave her the stone in the first place. After this encounter she avoids him wherever he goes.
Other than avoiding Dun He Lian, Gong Xi also becomes very busy debuting as a chicken in a talk show. Just as she is getting into the chicken act no other than Bu Po Shang (Donghae) her arch nemesis shows up. He struts with confidence and funny looking pants. Gong Xi goes backstage to find a weapon to attack him with but thankfully fantasizing about offing him reminds her that killing Bu Po Shang would be a bad idea. Instead she plots to embarrass him on stage, necessitating a lovely scene of a tiny woman in a huge chicken suit riding a bicycle in traffic. Pretty amusing. Back on the set, Bu Po Shang is asked to embarrass himself by eating five pudding cups at a time. He is enraged but doesn't show it. Instead, he magically whisks them away and ATTACKS THE CHICKEN!!! Then the chicken attacks back. Gong Xi, the chicken and "instigator", ends up in a cage…in the chicken costume. The end.
What else is there to say? Episode six had about as many chopped scenes as a soap opera. And it was very disappointing to see only 30 seconds of cute Mr. Du. Even Bu Po Shang got more screen time. Other than that, the chicken scenes delivered the goods and made the episode worth watching. Here's a picture.