MVOTD: MBLAQ (Day 142)

There are many types of Kpop groups. There's the cute ones, the ones with good dancing, the ones with attitude, and the ones who try their hardest to be sexy sexy ones. MBLAQ is a group to be included in the "sexy" category. They were chosen by Rain after all. For me, I like their music but I don't really watch their music videos. However, their recent song This is War, has interesting costumes. Shoulder flaps of doom. Mini suit tails. Textured, matte, and shiny black fabrics mixed together. Some of the most bendy bullets you'll ever see. Great big 80's-esque gloves. Mmmmm costumes....and the dancing was pretty good too. The only questions I pondered were relating to why they were trying to shoot the woman/each other. Was she a spy?