Topic of the Day: Bill C-11 (Day 139)

I did two epic things today: drive my car around with the window down, and e-mail my local MP about Bill C-11.

First, I have to brag about driving around with my window open in January. Normally, the temperature is 30-40 degrees lower was fantastic weather. I put in some TVXQ and cranked up the volume while I cruised around the city with my window JANUARY. It was nice, especially since being obnoxious like that is one of my favourite things about driving in summer,

Second, and more importantly, I e-mailed my local Member of Parliament (MP) about Bill C-11 and its recent additions. Thanks to all the tech savvy people on Facebook, I learned a lot about it. Originally an okayish bill, US supported lobbyists pushed for SOPA-like laws to be added to Bill C-11...and more. For example, not allowing you to upload your CD music onto your iTunes. If you purchased that CD it's your music and putting it onto your iTunes is only expanding ability of use for you. Yes some people misuse this, but a lot of people don't.

Essentially, the issues with Bill C-11 are the same/similar to SOPA's - increased risk to legitimate companies, increased costs to legitimate companies, more censorship of free speech, increased exposure to hackers/viruses/identity theft, and the danger of being cut off from internet use for minor infractions. I can't say that I know everything about Bill C-11. What I do know is that people who are pretty generous towards Bill C-11 still don't like it. So, if you want to learn more, here are some websites with more information.

Michael Geists answers to 10 questions on Bill C-11, SOPA, and other things.

A blog explaining Bill C-11 and its issues.

A form letter that eliquently outlines some issues with Bill C-11.

The MP index where you can find your MP's contact information.