MVOTD: Can't Nobody (Day 139)

Today's music video is Can't Nobody by 2NE1 of YG Entertainment. 2NE1 is probably my favourite female pop group because their costumers are amazing. In the Korean version of Can't Nobody there was only one outfit I didn't like (seriously, who makes the 16 year old wear S&M gear?). The rest were interesting and fun, especially the red bolero with the giant collar. I really really really really like that bolero. It's amazing and gravity defying. Then there's the spiked hoodie, the suave "ninja" outfit, the fabric swimming, and the lightning bolts. 2NE1 knows how to make a music video a fun time.

Not only were the costumes and scenes interesting, but to add Super Junior interestingness, at one point Dara (the twiggy one) looks just like Ryeowook of Super Junior. And, as a twist, they did an English version music video too. It's not as well done as the Korean version, but it passes muster, and gives a better view of that wonderful red bolero. So here it is.

The good Korean version.
The English version.

Can't nobody look so cool in that red bolero.