Skip Beat! Episode 2 Review (Day 124)

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Skip Beat! starts with a good start - Gong Xi coming to her senses and going straight to LME to become a celebrity. There, she insults the talent scout and is booted out for being a Dun He Lian/Tsugara Ren (Choi Siwon) fan trying to infiltrate the company in order to get access to him. Incensed, she stages a sit in knee in protest and stalks dogs the talent scout around town. Koala jokes are made. Dun He Lian’s manager endears himself to the audience. Gong Xi’s revenge angels help her annoy the talent scout into finally giving in and allowing her to audition at LME.
Gong Xi then promptly attends the audition, only to be yelled at by an unfriendly woman who reminds her of Bu Puo Shang (Lee Donghae). Revenge angels make her hair go round. Dun He Lian shows up to randomly shoot things to be interested in her progress…because he knows that she wants revenge. He talks to a mirror. The episode abruptly ends. What? There are all sorts of questions left now.
Questions like; "Does Lian have a magic mirror that he asks questions to?", "Could he be interested in Gong Xi?", "Will his manager be his cute wing-man?", and, "Will Shang show up to taunt our heroine?". Well, the fans certainly hope so on all accounts but the magic mirror one.
The one question I can answer is this, "Why does Dun He Lian have two names?". Answer: For most subbed shows, more than one person is translating. Each translator often chooses a different way to best represent the character's names for their audience. In this case, Tsugara Ren is the Japanese name from the manga/anime and Dun He Lian is the Mandarin name for the show.