McMolberg's Magnetic Music Videos of "2011" (Day 125)

For many people, there are movies that hook them after one, two, or even three views. People can watch these compulsively. For myself, I also have movies that are like this. Movies that want to be watched repititiously. The following are the music videos that hooked me in this year, 2011, and just how many views it took to hook me.

Mazeltov -- ZE:A
Took two views. The ridiculousness, the camera shots, the funny way silver man's mouth looks when he says "oh". So good.

Paradise -- Infinite
One view or less. The 80's beats. Enough said.

Oops -- Super Junior featuring F(x)
Several views. This song requires two or more views with subs in order to understand how ridiculous the lyrics are.

Oppa Oppa -- Donghae & Eunhyuk
One view. Hooked. I like the intro, the wigs, the parts that I can sing along to, and the laughing that it induces.

Message -- MYNAME
One view. It's just so catchy. I show this one to everybody.

Say No -- B2ST/Beast
One view. This song sounds really nice and is interesting despite a large large lack of dancing.

Love Ya -- SS501
One view, about 25 seconds in. It was the jump move that got me. So stylish!