Music Video Of The Day: Super Junior Blitz (Day 100)

Since today is the 100th music video, that means that today is special. Afterall, a randomly selected round number is often used to commemorate(sic) or celebrate things in our lives. Therefore, today is a Super Junior music video blitz. Super Junior is my favourite K-pop group because of their numbers, singing, dancing, and the fact that I know all their names and can connect them to faces. There is no going back once you have memorized all of Super Junior's names and faces. It is just too much work invested. Here's a short word on them all.

Sorry Sorry. The song that started it all...for me.
Bonamana. I totally learned this dance routine.
Mr. Simple. Mostly well done.
A-Cha. The first 15 seconds rock.
Super Girl. The song where we learn that if you are beautiful it is okay to reject people because you deserve someone cool and beautiful. Hangeng also leads this one. Oh yeah.
Perfection. Oddly placed fur costuming. Lame English rap. Fun fun fun.