How To Get Away With Drinking Jello Juice (Day 100)

In my household, the privilege of drinking jello juice (aka, jello before it's jelled) is a great one. I realize that this is far from normal, but so it is. So how does one get the privilege of drinking such a tasty (sugary) and delightful (warm) beverage, when the proper way to serve it is as jello? Easy.

The Steps:
1) Get sick. This may require throwing up.
2) Ask your parent for jello juice.
3) They make it.
4) Drink it. If you leave it for too long, you will end up with jello.

My preference is to drink it out of a glass measuring cup through a straw, but you may prefer a different beverage holder. I also like it when some juice is added to the jello instead of water. It increases both taste and nutrients.