Music Video Of The Day: 2PM (Day 102)

Today's music video was randomly selected by my brother as the only K-pop song (other than Super Junior) whose name he knows. Yes, that means 2PM's Heartbeat. Hearbeat by chance, is one of those songs which repeat its name over and over within the song, making its name easy to remember.

2PM's Heartbeat begins with an awkward rewind scene, followed by close up shots of the member's constipated heartbroken faces. If that isn't promising, what is? Then there is the glowing heart and twitching chest, the underwater aquarium of depression, and the zombie dance moves...all within the first minute-thirty. Is there anything that can top this? Maybe the puppet dance? Or the paint brush ponytails? Answer...nope, the first minute-thirty cannot be topped. However, we do get to realize that the whole thing is ridiculous. This is good, because the dance isn't very entertaining. Thank you zombie dance/constipation faces/ponytails for making the music video memorable.