Month End Review: November (Day 103)

November had many solid music videos in it. Some were fun. Some were serious. Some had ridiculous scenes. But which one was the best? Here's the list of music videos shown.

2NE1Clap Your Hands
AASo Crazy
BachCello: The Silence Before Bach
David BisbalBuleria
David BisbalOye el Boom
David BisbalAve Maria
David BustamanteDos Hombres Y Un Destino
David BustamanteNo Soy Un Superman
FahrenheitAi Dao
Girl's GenerationGee
Gold MissGee
HangengMy Logo
Henry LauBaby
Nerd AlertSCV Love Song
O-zoneDragostea Din Tai
RainLove Song
SHINeeReplay (Japanese, & Korean parody)
SS501Single 3rd
Super JuniorBoom Boom
Super JuniorSorry Sorry
Super JuniorSorry Sorry
Super JuniorBonamana
Super JuniorMr. Simple
Super JuniorA-cha
Super Junior MSuper Girl
Super Junior MPerfection
ZE:AHeart For 2

Since there were so many good music videos, it is fortunate that some are disqualified for being shown before. These would be No Soy Un Superman, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Perfection (oh the bad hats!), A-Cha, and Oy El Boom.

Top marks go to Gold Miss's Gee, David Bisbal, and Ozone's Dragostea Din Tai. This month is a tie between my personal favourite of the month - Gold Miss's Gee - , and the music video that can be watched the most without getting bored - David Bisbal's Ave Maria. Congrats to both.