Things I've Learnt (Day 63)

Someone with red hair suggested that I do my topic of discussion in one post and my music video in another. This is probably a good idea. If you have suggestions, maybe you will let me know too?

About seven minutes ago I was pondering on the things I've learnt since high school. For a lot of people, what they imagined they'd be when they grew up is different from what actually happened, and this can make them a little sad. We forget what we've learnt and experienced can be valuable too, and even though our society or culture doesn't appreciate them, they are a good thing to remember.

These are skills and other things I've learnt since high school.
  • How to make cream soup
  • How to use the computer mouse with my left hand
  • How to crochet
  • How to tell the difference between Japanese, Chinese, and Korean script
  • Words in languages other than English or German
  • How to sing in front of others
  • Knowledge about the Old Testament and its amazing complexity
  • That I have history. All 400 years of it.
  • How to do the American Jive
  • How to do basic Charleston
  • How to do basic Salsa
  • How to change a car tire
  • How to dance with guys
I'm pretty sure there's more, but this is the time for you to think about what you've learnt, or where you've travelled, or something amazing that you've done. Remember to think about the positive things in life every so often. It makes it nicer.