Reflections (Day 62)

Today's menu is quotes with attending comments.

First, from the newspaper; "how we linguistically illustrate something often reflects our real attitudes." I agree, mostly because I already thought this, but I like the way this person put it. My way of saying it would be, "how you talk about someone indicates how you feel about them". I even have a theory that using politically correct language helps us change our minds about people of other cultural and ethnic backgrounds (aka, helps us not be racist). Words reflecting how we feel is also a good reason to talk about others with respect. Aka, refer to women as women, not girls. Don't talk about attractive people in derrogatory ways. Don't use racist terms. Etc. We (I) still fail to treat each other with respect, but I think talking more respectfully helps us be more respectful, and is therefore worthwhile.

Second and last, my cousin's view on relationships with God. As a Christian, I feel that relational closeness to God is important, yet I lack that very thing. My wise cousin put it this way; "when you are in a good relationship (friendship, etc.), you want to spend time with that person. You think and plan ways to spend time with that person." I see examples of this around me quite a lot recently. I know more and more people who want to and are spending more time reading the Bible, praying, and attending Bible studies. I see that in their lives and that it is good, but I'm not there. I don't seek out time to spend with God, reading the Bible and praying. I have a planned schedule that those activities fit into, if my other schedules allow them. I want to be in the place where I am desiring to spend more time with God, but I'm not there yet. I think it would be a very good thing. I feel like asking for prayer on this is selfish and petty, but please do pray for me if you are willing.

The music video for today is something that I listen to when I don't want to listen to k-pop. I like this song for the song and for the meaning. Just listen. Please just listen. Don't watch the music video. It seems that most of it is clips from a movie that the song might have been used in. These clips take away from the meaning of the song, and are obviously from a lower budget Christianese movie. Christianese and Christian being different things, Christianese media is a topic for another day. They were first called Christians in Antioch.
Today's music video is Falling Further by Spoken (who are apparently with Tooth and Nail Records).

Did anyone notice the randomly placed comment?