Music Video of the Day (Day 66)

When I first started my blog, I posted music videos by using links. A lot of people will not use a link if it is offered. Therefore, there were about 21 music videos which didn't get watched, many of those good solid pieces of pop wondercheese. I am now going to recycle them over time. Here is the first one. Bad Girl by B2ST/Beast.

When I originally posted this I wrote, "Imagine your man in one of these: funny looking harem pants, glitter, feathers, transluscent cloth, peaked shoulders, jewelry, and/or lipstick. Now imagine six guys wearing these things like they're cool." I think this was the fashion comment that my friend found funny. I was saying it in an ironic way, but now that I think about it, it can be a more serious matter. It takes a little something to get used to things like glitter, feathers, transparent fabric, and jewelry on guys...especially for a North American, but a lot of "feminine" clothes/colours are considered appropriate in fashion conscious South Korea. I think these outfits are especially appropriate for pop groups which need to both compete against each other in an increasingly saturated market, and for entertainment content. I really enjoy both good costumes and comically funny ones, and I enjoy guys who can act like bad costuming doesn't bother them. This music video, by chance, has both a lot of bad costumes, and six guys who pretend it doesn't bother them. Enjoy.