Music Video of the Day (Day 65)

I have an increasingly newfound respect for SS501. Thanks to that, you get to watch them more. Today's music video is UR Man, by SS501. I've heard this song before somewhere, in a better version, but this version is alright too. It features only three members of SS501, since the other two were too busy. Fortunately, it does feature the attractive one, whatever his name may be, and AJ, the one who probably sounds like Ryeowook of Super Junior. This is a fan version.
This is one of those mediocre music videos. The song is enjoyable, but the dancing isn't memorable and there are some questionable camera shots.
On the funny side, their super low buttoned shirts are mildly entertaining. One because the gold shirt make the one super deep neck line look kind of like no shirt at all, and two (for me) because I started to worry about them getting cold rather than checking them out.