How To: Old Cars and Long Distances (Day 65)

How to drive your '86 car 1500 km over three days. This is something I just did. My car began the trip with just over 350 000 km on the engine, and ended it with about 1500 km more. I'm not sure what those are in imperial but km to miles is about a 100:60 ratio.

The Steps.

1) Pray over the car and the trip every day.
2) Drive
3) Don't forget to gas up. Petrol is kind of necessary.
4) Get to your destination
5) Thank the Lord that the car was fine

Got to say, I was pretty excited not to have a blow out on the TransCanada highway. A donut (spare tire) is only made to go so far, and I'm pretty sure that the TransCan is about a lot longer than that.