Verbal Diarrhea Time (Day 39)

Actually, verbal diarrhea time is just about every day, so thank you readers for putting up with me.

Today, like most days, I'll write first and come up with a better topic later. Last night I had a dream. Myself and another person, most likely my cousin, were hanging out, when who showed up but Leeteuk from Super Junior. The three of us got onto a swinging bridge, and then I started to tell him about my dream to go to a Super Junior concert before the year is out.(Aka. he goes into the army). Even in my dream that was embarrassing. It was embarrassing to have a life dream of seeing a concert instead of something cool like build a rocket ship or become a high powered business woman. Then Leeteuk jumped off the bridge, not replying to my lame admission, and into the library below. Why was there a library? Who knows. Anyway, I traipsed down there, looked at some books, and then woke up. And what do I remember from it? The embarrassment. From this I have learnt not to admit your dreams to people who are directly related to them, because you will scare them off. I have also learnt that the only difference between myself and a 13 year old girl is a college education. Sigh.

Random notes:
-Most libraries in my dreams are a version of my elementary school library.
-Yesterday I sewed half of my hockey rink blanket top together. Yay! It looks like a hockey rink.

Today's music video is Marry U by Super Junior, mostly because I don't have much to say about it.
I remembered a better topic, and then thought I should replace the dream talk with this new topic, but I want someone with red hair to read it, so maybe I'll edit this later...
Yesterday we had guests over. Yesterday Dad went through our freezer. Our large deep freezer. Now, if you had any questions as to whether or not vegetables existed 30 years ago, there is proof that they existed. Dad went through our deep freezer, found peppers from 1989, and brought them SHOW to our GUESTS...!!! And not just that.
Dad: "Hey look at this. I wonder what it is. It's from '89 as well".
Mom: "It looks like carrots. Shredded carrots."
Dad: "Yes, it does. It must be carrots."
Guests: They are too agog to say anything.
This was followed by Dad showing the guests chokecherries from '79, which it should be noted, looked fresh. Does this mean that chokecherries, like McDonalds' fries, are not good to eat? Or, the ultimate question, how did those stay in our freezer with their labels on for sooooo long?