The Movies of the Future (Day 38)

I am looking forward to two movies which are totally and completely unrelated.

The first is Attack The Block, which is about South London thugs fighting off an alien invasion of their area. I read the review of it in the newspaper and was like, "Yeah!!! An alien movie where gangsta's save the day by fighting off the aliens. It'll be so Step Up, but instead of a dance challenge, it'll be aliens. Yeah!!!". I also expected it to be in all the normal theatres since it was a review featured in the newspaper. False. It turns out that it is showing at one theatre (downtown) every night at 9:15, when it is dark. I don't really have the expendable income to even drive there, let alone pay for parking, plus it will be all scary at night. So...maybe I will wait for it to come out on DVD. I know Death of a President did, so there's no reason Attack the Block shouldn't as well.

The second movie I am looking forward to is My Kingdom. I don't know anything about the plot, and I don't know the language (Mandorin) so I am hoping that there are subtitles (there probably will be). It is coming out in theatres in Mainland China on September 9th, which is today. But why do I want to see it? What is so great about this movie that I know so little about? Well, it is because I am letting my teenageness (although I am not a teenager) to decide this for me. My beloved Hankyung (Hangeng) is in it, and I want to see what he is up to. I want to see his beautiful face and hear his voice and know that he isn't being all depressed like he seemed when he left Super Junior. I want to see him doing well and being cute (although he is just naturally cute, so that isn't hard).     

Those are the two movies I want to see, two harder to find and actually plan to see movies. Sometimes I ask myself why I don't redevelop my North American tastes so that things will be easier to find or people easier to talk to. Then the other half of me tells me that I'm North American enough and I should develop my world knowledge.
Today's music video (which is mildly funny) is Queen by Hangeng. They do the robot...alot. And Hangeng does the robot in a giant bird cage. Then they put on funny outfits and lipstick that is too pale and do more of the robot. As far as Hangeng music videos goes, this one is light and breezy and kind of funny. And, even though he's trying to look cool, there are still those adorable moments of awkwardness.