Pretty and NKOB (Day 44)

What was I going to write about today? I was going to write about my dream last night where I and my younger brother were actually Steve Nash's kids but he and mother got divorced and she got remarried and never told us. Other than the obvious logical flaws in this dream, I think that Steve Nash (famous Basketball player) is not old enough to be able to have sired me. And that was to be the topic. Instead, the topic is New Kids On The Block. That is because I just listened to them whilst dancing in a toque. I got hot headed, as in my head was hot, and I thought that it was a fun pun.

New Kids On The Block. They were, according to my older brothers, the first boyband. They had wonderful gymnastic dance moves, and did lots of flips on stage. They also sing the wonderful song Step By Step. I was just a babe when this song came out, but it has inspired me to pursue an interest in boybands for years after NKOB broke up and later got reunited in order to tour with the Back Street Boys. Peace!

I wrote this yesterday, after once again finding a topic to write about that I missed during that day's blog, and maybe it should be left for another day, but here it is. I find this song to be a sad song, with a twist at the end.

My favourite female K-pop stars are 2NE1 and they recently came out with the song Ugly. This is a song about how they think they're ugly and they want to be pretty. It is also about effort and trying for the things you want. To me, this song is powerful in that the ladies of 2NE1 are saying they are ugly. To me, while they may not be the top 10% of prettyness in South Korea, they are all beautiful ladies. Bom is elegant, CL is confident, Dara can wear pretty much anything, and Minzy is still growing up. I like their style, that they are "real", and that they seem to get along with each other. Character is a large part of beauty. While some of them may not be the ideal Korean body type because they are not twigs, I think they are the truly pretty ones, because they are relatable, confident, and role model material (except when they vandalize stuff in music videos).

If they think they're not pretty, what does that say about the rest of us and how we feel about ourselves? How are our views of ourselves wrong in that respect?