People Parts (Day 44)

This kind of turned into verbal diahrrea again. Apologies.

Today I write about value. It's something everybody has. Humans are intrinsically valuable. Even those stylists who failed on that Super Junior photoshoot have value. Or rather, even creeps have value. You probably still want to avoid them though. I sure do. And as far as the stylists go, I hope they got a second chance to do something well. As people with value, we should treat each other respectfully and patiently, even though it's really quite hard.

I'm not sure where this is going, but last Christmas, someone said some very dehumanizing things to me. They made me feel unclean, and it took a good friend to help me deal with that. Seeing this person who tried to dehumanize me will always be an awkward and stressful thing. I am still paranoid of white trucks and of meeting this person in the street. But my pastor made a good point in church the other week about forgiveness. I have to forgive this person. Jesus took all my sin, all my junk, all of them, and forgave me. So why is it so hard to forgive this fellow for this one wrong thing he did to me? I should be able to do it. I probably won't be able to forgive him on my own strength, but with God's help it is possible, in time. And I think, once I have forgiven him, my heart will be calmer, and his potential presence with bother me less. I still will not trust him or respect him, but atleast I will have forgiven him and let my heart breathe better. And heart calmness means less stress, atleast for me. I look forward to it, and kind of fear it at the same time.

Yesterday's music video was Itaewon Freedom by UV. It turns out, Itaewon Freedom is based on 80's band, the London Boys' song Harlem DesireHarlem Desire is just as good, if not better than Itaewon Freedom, just for it's 80's wondercheese. Check it out.