Day 32: The Realities Of Aging

One of the realities of aging is that you start to act like your parents. I notice myself doing this just last night, as I bragged about how cool my younger brother to my friends while he was there. In normal circumstances, this would be Dad bragging about his garden to dinner guests, but in this situation it was me. But it wasn't just me either. My younger brother started in on this too (bragging about other stuff). Later, after we left, I analyzed what had happened and mentally kicked myself. The bragging in social situations thing is something that annoys me. I don't want to be doing it too. I shall have to think on how to change this behaviour.

Today's song relates to parents and is Only Love by SMTown. SMTown is what happens when all the SMENT artists get together and sing. Only Love has all the handsome Super Junior guys, TVXQ guys, and the beautfiul BOA, as well as a bunch of other people. Here is it. You may have to crank up the volume.
Since I was originally going to put an MBLAQ song on, here it is as well. MBLAQ's Stay. MBLAQ is with JTune Camp because they all got chosen by (Bi) Rain who is in theory the coolest guy in South Korea. All the celebrities treat him that way. So that makes them chosen by the coolest guy in S. Korea. Their music videos are often lame, but Stay was promising since there is a guy wearing an animal pelt on his back. It is also an enjoyable song. I have the album and so would know that sort of thing. Enjoy.