Day 30: It's Been A Month.

There are too many things to write about today, so this will be a bit long.

1) If you are the only one who likes something, do you like it harder to make up for others who don't like it and who don't support your liking of it? My theory is yes, partly. You can like things because your friends/family like them, and you can like things because you like them. If someone you know likes it, in some cases your affection for that person can be applied to your affection for it. Example: someone with red hair liked Farscape so I tried very very hard to like it too. Now I like Farscape for its own credentials, and not just the claim of a friend's affection for it. Stuff that everybody likes become kind of obvious and thus unnoticeable. Example: spaghetti. It's more weird that someone wouldn't like it. There are also things that you and few others, or in some cases only you, like. Example: niche market things like old school Battlestar Galactica, or K-pop. In such cases, I think people are determined to like it no matter what other people say, so they build an extra layer of like which is artificial to protect that preference. For myself, I listen to K-pop almost everyday, but when I visit my relatives who also like it, I almost don't like it because their exuberance is so great. I begin to feel like, "Okay, we all like it. It's fun for awhile but let's chill and do something else." Or maybe that is just a desire to be balanced and semi-normal. Any thoughts on it?

2) I would like to select a best music video of the month. The music videos this month were;
  • Adele - Rolling in the Deep

  • Allie Geortz - Tonight (D&D)

  • Big Bang - La-la-la

  • Beast - Bad Girl

  • Chi Chi - Don't Play Around

  • David Bisbal - Digale

  • David Bisbal -Silencio

  • David Bisbal - 24 Horas

  • David Bustamante - No Soy Un Superman

  • Kim Mitchell - Go For A Soda

  • Kim Mitchell - Patio Lanterns

  • NSYNC - Bye Bye Bye

  • NSYNC - Tearin' Up My Heart

  • MBLAQ - Cry

  • SHINee - Replay

  • Sistar - Shady

  • Super Junior - Mr. Simple

  • Super Junior - No Other

  • Super Junior - One Love

  • Super Junior - Sorry Sorry

  • Super Junior - Sorry Sorry Answer

  • Super Junior - Superman

  • Super Junior - Wonder Boy

  • Super Junior M - Perfection/Too Perfect

  • TVXQ - Balloons

  • TVXQ - Mirotic

  • TVXQ - Wrong Number

  • ZE:A - Here I Am

  • ZE:A - Mazeltov

  • 2NE1 - I Don't Care

  • 2NE1 - Hate You

The strongest contendors in the selection are: TVXQ - Balloons, ZE:A - Mazeltov, and Kim Mitchell - Go For A Soda. Each are sufficiently cheesy, embarrassing, and entertaining. Since I can't decide, both TVXQ and ZE:A win this month. Here they are.

3) Heechul (of Super Junior) officially enlisted in the army today. While I will not miss his dancing, I will miss his personality and the completeness he lends to Super Junior. Indeed, he was not liked for his dance, he was liked for his naughty personality, pretty face, and voice. ...Maybe mischievious would have been a better word. He has a special spot in my heart because he was Hankyung's best friend in the group and he visibly suffered when Hankyung, Kangin, and Kibum left. According to some fan site he likes metal and horror films, so in honour of Heechul here is one of my favourite glam metal bands, Nightwish with I Wish I Had An Angel. While I personally think the guitarist trying to look demonic is lame (yes it's a metal thing, but overdone), the movie clips that were inserted are fantastically cheesy. The only reason the humans don't get eaten is that the monsters have A.D.D. and spend half the time chasing their tales and looking cool.