Day 29: People

Some people appear to be complex, and some people appear to be simple, but I think most people are complex. We can think we know all about a person but we don't know their inner thoughts and desires and what they have experienced. Busyness or having a variety of divergent interests may make a person seem complex (or interesting), but the iconic beach bum (or basement dwelling nerd) sitting by a boat that will never sail can be just as complex. Why are they here? What are they thinking about? Where have they come from? Well, I don't know if you are pretending to be cute, and you don't know that I get one of my D&D groups to call me Noona (older sister) which is a word I learnt because I like K-pop (well, you know now). It's hard to appreciate each other when we have such a shallow understanding of each other. Maybe that is why we like our friends so much. Friends understand and appreciate us, and we try to understand and appreciate them too. It is a great blessing to have friends and friendship.

That was a mind meandering, so please don't critic it too hard. It's not a solid idea yet and is rather poorly written. Today's "feel-good music video of the day" is Replay (Noona is so Pretty) by SHINee of SMENT. SHINee is made up of guys who are too young for me, so I don't appreciate them as much as I should. They are all so fresh faced.  This particular video has a parody where they are trying to convince their noona to date them. The term noona literally means 'older sister', but is used by all younger males to refer to females older than themselves whom they are friends with. The parody is very entertaining. I encourage parody watching when the parody is appropriate.