Day 9: It's Thursday


As a reply to my "philosophical" meanderings on beauty, someone commented, "I think the moments when you truly experience beauty are the ones where you get caught up in the moment, and you experience something lovely, rather than searching for it". I think I rather agree. Happiness is a similar creature. If you are searching for happiness, you are worrying and stressing about being happy, so it is hard to loosen up and enjoy life. If you aren't thinking about it, it is easier to enjoy the moment. Maybe happiness will just happen. Maybe it won't. Maybe the secret is to focus on living well, and maybe it's one of those things we have to re-figure out once in awhile.

There went the comment section of today. Now for the "feel-good music video of the day". I think it's time for some more Super Junior. That will give me leave to describe the differences between them (nerds) and TVXQ (jocks) whom I posted about the other day. At one point, both groups were on a variety tv show. The groups competed against each other in various athletic competitions and TVXQ dominated. Then they were all asked what sport they did as children. The TVXQ members all had various sports that they had played in school and the Super Junior members were like..."I played the drum", "I collected bugs", "I was a math olympian". It made my heart go pitter patter. No wonder I like Super Junior more even though I think TVXQ is better at singing and dancing...and apparently sports.

Today's Super Junior video is No Other. Somewhere out there, there is a parody where the band is out to get revenge on a girl who cheated on all of them. It's too cute. "I know you hate children, so I bribed some to attack you, you know how vicious they can be". Or, as my cousins say, "No more diarrhea and soap." Enjoy.