Day 8: Relax

Hello. Sorry that my titles are so unrelated to the actual topic. Also, sidenote, the blog Life Is Too Short to Learn German has a picture of my phone in it. My home phone!My exact phone that sits in my house and confuses people because it is push button and not rotary.

I was thinking of writing out my stats as if I were a celebrity, but instead, a diagram of how I have infected people. That's right, infected, not with illness, but with an affection for the boyband Super Junior. It all started when I watched a Korean Drama that made fun of their music video Sorry Sorry. Not believing that anyone would have song where a bunch of guys dance around apologizing for things they may or may not have down, I looked it up, got hooked, and have "accidentally" (sometimes) been infecting people ever since. Check out this nifty diagram I drew that describes the situation.


Most infectees were not sorry. Their relatives were. Apologies to their relatives. Today's music video is therefore Sorry Sorry by Super Junior of S.M. Entertainment. Sorry Sorry was one of the last music videos made with all 13 members, and is therefore a glorious feat. Apologizes because this one will probable get in your head.