Day 7: Review Day

Today is review day. Today's video is Here I Am by ZE:A. Apparently their parent company is not MNet, but that's okay. According to Here I Am though, they do have magical powers. Powers of drawing stuff that becomes real, and of freezing time. They are also creepers who spy on their sleeping sister-like-figure, and always know what she's up to.

You don't know that yet though. The music video opens up to some magical drawing and about half of ZE:A watching a young lady sleep on a  platform. Then they point at the screen and say "You are just so beautiful". It is at this point that your creeper alert is going off. WeeOooWeeOoo. Then Doctor Who draws a window and makes the blind go up. That makes the situation okay, because the Doctor is adorable and definitely not a creeper. The woman wakes up. The men dance. She proves that she is both horrible at baking and a complete clutz. Then....freeze time. Three ZE:A men show up and finish the cake for her, proving that one can be both cutesy and rap at the same time. At this point, you still don't know that she is sister-like. Maybe they are helping her not botch their date. Unfreeze time. She awakens and the cake is perfect. "How did this happen?", she asks herself. Answer: it doesn't matter. She comes out dressed for her date with the cake but some unfortunate man who doesn't know how to ride a bicycle is about to crash into her! Freeze time. Dance around. Move bike man, steal someone elses flowers for her. Unfreeze time. Maybe they are still really keen on a good date with her? Nope. There she is staring at a pretty dress in a shop window. ZE:A man magically changes her outfit, points it out to other ZE:A man and they high five. She is so stoked for her date now that a bunch of randomly magic things have helped her out. She heads off to her date, but wait. She's too shy to ring the doorbell! Whatever will she do? Answer: A ZE:A man will magically appear to help push the door bell. The door opens and she is finally on her date, but who is it? Someone from ZE:A? Couldn't be, because they are all watching her from afar, celebrating that she got to the date on time. High fives and jumping all around. Turns out that they are not creepers, just wierd older brother types with magical powers.

Since this is a review, I give the music video four out of five stars for complete randomness. Also, they managed to make hip/pelvis swinging into a cute dance move. That in itself deserves a gold star. Gold Star!