Day 5: Enthusiasm for a new day

Hey hey hey,

Today is a Sunday. Sunday should be special, so on this blog, it will be the "how to" day. Today's "how to" is step one in being pretentious.

I think that in itself sounds pretentious. However, this is about protecting yourself from pretentious people. There are people who will talk down to you about, say, books. If said pretentious people are say, in your house, it would befit you to have some well used copies of classics around. These are available cheaply at used book shops. If you can't find them at used book shops, buy new ones, crack the spine, flip the pages, and place them in your water closet for a couple of weeks. This should age them appropriately. Remember, it's not about how many classics you've read. It's about how many you own. Well, in the case of visitors anyway.

...That was actually bad advice. Read your classics once you buy them. Just remember that you can "be reading" one for an extensive amount of time.

Now for a "feel-good music video of the day". Today's is Bad Girl by B2ST/BEAST of Cube Entertainment. The group has six members. They, of course, dance. The video has some ridiculous outfits. Imagine your man in one of these: funny looking harem pants, glitter, feathers, transluscent cloth, peaked shoulders, jewelry, and/or lipstick. Now imagine six guys wearing these things like they're cool. Enjoy.