Day 4: Trickery in the workforce

Hello all,

Today's topic is fake feminism. Fake feminism rears its odd head in pop culture all the time. Just remember Beyonce's (sic) Single Ladies, which is about how the way to keep a woman is to get married to her...or bribe her with jewelry? I can't be sure. What I can be sure of is that boybands are kings of fake feminism. They talk about how they want you so bad, they'll do anything. They serve largely female audiences, and are often willing to do some strange things (like take off their shirt, kiss each other, do drag) to entertain said female audiences. However, they use deeply anti-feminist names in their love songs. Names like "baby" and "girl". Since how we refer to other people is a reflection of how we think about them, these "terms of endearment" are actually insulting. By them we forget that the audience might be mature women, able to take care of themselves in the world. Also, babies don't listen to pop music. Babies cry and nap and drink milk.

And by the way, greetings and salutations to the person in Germany who read this blog the other day. I read my stats and was excited to see you there.

Now for the music video. Since I just had a short rant about boybands (which I actually do like), today's "feel-good music video of the day" was going to be Coupleskate by Joe Christmas of Tooth and Nail Records. However, they (Tooth and Nail) don't let certain people (non-Americans) see that content. Instead it will be I Don't Care by 2NE1 of YGEntertainment. I Don't Care is about pranking guys after they break up with you...or maybe acting like you don't care...or maybe both. Whatever. You decide. Enjoy.