Day 3: Youtube

Hey all,

Today I decided to watch a certain youtube video, Mr. Simple by Super Junior of S.M. Entertainment. It was whilst I was buffering it on my slow network that I discovered youtube's comment updater. It told me that 11 people had commented since I had started to "view", aka. buffer, my Super Junior video. Not 13 seconds later, 35 people had commented, and not soon after that, 43. It rose by lots. 51. 84. 105. By the time my video had completely buffered, over 240 people had commented on it. And what do I have to say about this?

Thank you Youtube, for letting me know how much time I waste buffering your videos.

There will be no feel-good music video today, but feel free to enjoy Super Junior. They are a 10 member boyband (previously 13 member boyband) from South Korea, and, of course, they dance, which is the most important aspect of a boyband.