Day 22: Grumble Grumble Grumble

Ahem. Argh.

That's better. Well, I had just finished writing a post about being satisfied in small things, like good food and international viewers, which included a nice synopsis of Super Junior M (SJM), when I tried to post. Fail. It turns out that whenever you do things on other google owned properties, say, in a different account, they automatically change your account on blogger, so you cannot post. Whether it be signing out in a different page or signing on with a different account on a different site changing the Blogger account, I think that is pushing the limits of interaction a little too far. I don't want what I am doing on Youtube to affect what I am doing on Blogger or Gmail or any other thing. Youtube is Youtube and Blogger is Blogger, and they are different things.
Now for a recap. The "feel-good music video of the day" is Perfection/Too Perfect by SJM of S.M. Entertainment (now referred to as SMENT). SJM is a subgroup of Super Junior (Suju) that until lovely Hankyung left had seven members. Now they have 8 because it took two guys to replace Hankyung. SJM targets the Chinese market, singing in both Mandarin and Korean. Non-Suju members are Zhoumi and Henry. Henry is Chinese-Canadian, plays violin (almost became pro), can dance while playing the violin, mixes music, can speak French, etc. etc. is amazing. Fun parts of this music video are fur hats, some lame dance moves, and a bad english rap where Henry shows off his North American accent. There is also a parody of it in cyberspace where one member says "I think I look good as an 1800's Englishman." That parody by chance, agrees with me like a cherry cheese danish.