Day 21: Music Video Comparison

Thanks to posting an NSYNC music video yesterday, I decided to pull out one of my NSYNC cds and listen to it in the car. Wow it was good. After listening to K-pop for so long, it was nice to be able to sing along to the whole song. It was also nostalgic since I liked them so much as a tween (what an unattractive word tween is though). I thought to myself that I should compare NSYNC and a K-pop group. Of course, the number of members has to be similar, so this disqualifies Super Junior (13 members) and ZE:A (9 members) right off the hop from being compared. The genre and how much I listen to them also has to be similar. Thus, MBLAQ was chosen. The music videos are Cry by MBLAQ and Tearin' Up My Heart by NSYNC.

Outfits: NYSNC -- White shirts and jeans. Very 90's. Still makes me laugh.
                MBLAQ -- Suit jackety things with jewelry and eye makeup. Looks sillier but doesn't make me giggle.

Dance: NSYNC -- 90's boy band syncronized. That means the W (3 in back, 2 in front) formation. Big moves that are family friendly.
               MBLAQ -- Several different takes on the W formation. Some sexy moves. Very serious and crisp.

Random: NSYNC -- Boxing, JC transforming into Justin and back, overalls, random leaps, pizza party
                   MBLAQ -- Acrobatic swimming, kicking and stomping and punching water

Other: NSYNC -- It is awkward when young Justin Timberlake is on the bed, in theory trying to look sexy or cute. Towards the end, Christ kind of looks like he has indigestion.
              MBLAQ -- There is more dancing and close ups in general in the music video.Towards the end, one member looks like he has painful makeup in his eye.

Song: NSYNC -- Your basic "I love you" song. Nice melody.
             MBLAQ -- The "don't leave me" song?. Very serious and catchy, even though it's hard to sing along to if you don't speak Korean.

Unfortunately, I think this is a draw. NSYNC has all that wonderful retro cheese appeal (and overalls), but MBLAQ is crisp and catchy and doesn't have creepy shots of Justin Timerlake shaking on a bed. If you demanded that someone win, I'd give MBLAQ slightly more vote, but mostly because I could watch their video more often. NSYNC really is all that and a box of kleenex.