Day 2: Where have all the good ideas gone?

Greetings, and, good day.

I couldn't think of an interesting topic today, so I will complain about nyan cat. First question: why is nyan cat popular? It is an 8-bit poptart cat that farts rainbows and moves to a repititious song. Second question: why do people like nyan cat? Repeat summar of nyan cat. Third question: why am I planning on making a nyan cat blanket (maybe because it will have a chance of selling for profit)?  It will be so irritating with over 1200 1.5 inch squares (yes I just used a decimal with an imperial measure). What insanity is this? The only fun part will be the rainbow, as rainbows can hardly fail to be attractive. Well, as someone with red hair says, cest la vie.

Now for the "feel-good music video of the day". Today's is Mazeltov by ZE:A of MNet. Mazeltov is a fun fun music video because it "makes fun of" (but not really, as it was produced first), and is better than that Friday song that was so popular earlier this year. It also has nine men of above average attractiveness from South Korea dancing around. YES! They make me want to talk about the pop scene in South Korea. Hope you enjoy.