Day 1: No Misnomers

No, that's not very friendly. How's this.

A blog. A blog. My first blog. Originally, I had wanted to promote my amazing sewing skills, but I think this will turn into more of a hodgepodge of topics ranging from 'feel-good music video of the day', to discussions on how to act pretentious even though you really aren't. I apologize for the title not matching the actual topic.

Today, the first day, has a feel-good music video of the day. It is No Soy Un Superman by David Bustamante of Vale Music. I should probably explain that the narrative my friends and I have developed around David Bustamante is that he has scary eyebrows, is bad at dancing, and is creepy. We have also set him up as the arch-nemesis and ultimate loser to David Bisbal. Sorry Bustamante, but it is so. We enjoy Bustamante very much. No Soy Un Superman is an amazing video, complete with 90's-esq scene and a great add for Coca-cola.  Please enjoy it as much as we do, and may it brighten your day.