"La Coruña" by Laura Blanco, 5C

I live in La Coruña . It's a city . It is in the northwest of Galicia , Spain . There are lots of parks : St.Margarita , San Pedro... There is a famous Roman lighthouse : the Tower of Hercules . There is a port . There is aTown Hall . There are lots of schools : Calasanz , Santa Maria del mar...but I go to Emilia Pardo Bazan school . The typical food is : octopus , pie... There is a football stadium cslled Riazor . We have a team called Deportivo de la Coruña . There is a very famous thalassotherapy Centre : Casa del Agua . There are many theatres : Colon theatre , Rosalia de Casto theatre .
I love La Coruña .