" A Coruña" by Laura V, 5A

Harbour - Beaches

The Tower of Hercules - The Town Hall and Maria Pita Square

I´m going to describe A Coruña, my beautiful town.
A Coruña is a big city in Galicia(Spain).
A Coruña has got a lot of shopping centers.It has got the biggest shopping area in Spain and the third in Europe:Marineda City.Marineda City has karts, bowling, mini golf, cinemas...
A Coruña has got a lot of parks, museums, cinemas...
A Coruña has got the Tower of Hercules.The Tower of Hercules was built by the Romans.It is more than two thousands years old.
There is a promenade that skirts the entire city, the longest in Europe.
A Coruña has got many beaches:Riazor ,Oza , Orzán, San Amaro...
I like my town. I think it´s beautiful.