Altamente Ultimamente

What have I seen this week?

A portuguese MC battle thats what.

What I have been listening to whilst consuming cereal.
Yes, I have managed to go a week without cooking. Dark, dark, Special K fuelled times for me.

I defy you not to like to this song:

In portugal you are about as likely to encounter indoor heating as you are a unicorn.

To keep warm I have been drinking buckets of tea and day dreaming of fantastic pijamas.

In the library I spotted an exhibition of drawings that were simply beautiful.

Portuguese facts of the day:
There are 5 ways to say 'cool'
  1. Porreiro
  2. Fixe
  3. Giro
  4. Cinco Estrelas
  5. Altamente
  • But if your Brazilian you say 'Lig√£o'
Daft but true.