Loca por la roja

After the England fracaso, all my football fuelled passion lies with La Roja. E-SPAIN.
Following the Spain vs Switzerland teaser, many doors along the third floor corridors were left in this state. My personal favourite, was scrawled on Diego's door (which has now sadly been rubbed off), it read 'Swiss live here' (replacing what had previously been 'Gays live here').
A man wearing numerous hats selling banderas outside Barrys.

Fans after the Spain vs Chile match, nervously watching....

Full blown red and golden madness at large en calle ancha! In the photo below you can just about see a waving flag.

There was an almost cult-ish group of people dancing, kneeling, singing and generally offending Portugal. Nice-o.

It was insane.
So, I couldn't resist a pulling a super cheesy Terry Richardson pose!

Its time for Espana!!!