A walk through a small city.

Sometimes you forget Leon is a city. It is pocket size, but full of curious sights and characters. It s by no means dull. And I am quite excited about spending a week of exploring it alone. Here, are some images I have collected over the weeks.
Exhibit one. The herron family that live on a column.I love herrons. I'm not entirely convinced they're are birds. They are great, noisy giants that make a Jurassic Park-esuqe screatching sound from their nest everymorning as I scuttle past San Isidoro.
My favourite bird related quote of the trip:
Kerstin. 'I hate birds. They're small, evil and they're reptiles!'.Exhibit dos. Calle Ancha. The aptly named, 'Wide street' is where bands march, swedes dance and mad french homeless dude shouts abuse at passers by. During fiesta week it was full of people, packed like sardines in a tin, singing, dancing and meandering at all hours.
Exhibit tres. Cathedral overkill I know, but it never ceases to amaze me with its beauty. Por la noche.
Al atardecer. Hot pink!!
I often spy this tiny besuited hombre walking his bear-like dog. Not a great photo, I know, but this strange couple make me smile.

More to come.