Here is a collection of stuff by artists who I admire.
This is folded fabric by Haruka. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find her website but when we were doing our art foundation she always did the craziest, most beautiful technically difficult things with, well, just about anything. Sometimes she would make little hanging bubbles out of wool and sometimes she would knit hats from her own hair extensions. Really. I think now she is studying shoe making at LCF. She also made incredible toys. A real star in the making.
Haruki Murakami is my favourite artist. Here he is dressed as a flower bomb dancing with Kirstin Dunst.

C boy is a creation by Eiko. I found her blog on and although she doesn't update all to often, the waits are well worth it. C is a bald child who is very bitter that his wife left him for a woman with long blonde hair.

This is another Haruka masterpiece.
Finally, Lou Romano. A bit of a hero of mine. He is one of the most important people at PIXAR and does all the concept sketches for Up, The Incredibles etc. As well as doing voiceovers, he also has a lot of his own projects. He uses guache and has a distinct 50s kinda style. It also bares mentioning that he invented the Power Puff Girls. Wow.