More creative times gone past

Before mountains of essays, translations and grammar exams were happy arty times. Looking through the archives at home I found some pictures going way back to A level days. I wish studying languages involved more crocheting.

Crochet Pikachu.
Exotic bird hat modelled by Sam. He is now a business man, check out his t-shirts.

Shark made of tweed.

A wierd film I saw in Costa Rica which involved chickens being thrown at Cuban women in bikinis

Crochet flower on patterned paper. On my old desk.

Possibly my favourite project ever- sardine sail boats!

A story board showing wires becoming robots becoming planes becoming birds. This project was overseen by Geoff. What a cool guy.

Out on an illustration project in the east end. These two guys insisted I took their photo, telling me they were original east end geezers. Magic.

An A level project of a Mowgli/Eloise style girl looking sadly out of a hotel window.

A paper London Town