My Filipino Adobo

Although I love my local cuisine just as much as the next Filipino (which is to say a lot!), I am an absolute beginner when it comes to cooking Filipino food. That's why, when Bee of the fabulous blog Rasa Malaysia asked me to guest-write a post on a Filipino dish I was a bundle of nervousness, despite being over-the-moon flattered! I am just at the beginning of my journey through Filipino cooking and I am still fumbling through some of the twists and turns. Even so, I was very excited and I knew what I wanted to write about – adobo! Aside from it being one of those dishes that are immediately related to the Philippines, I am currently in the thick of adobo experimentation. You see, I never cooked this dish when I was younger (it was always prepared by someone else) so it is only now that I am flush with infatuation at adobo’s many faces...

Find out where I'm at with my National Dish over at Rasa Malaysia where I post my thoughts, along with my basic recipe for Filipino Adobo :)

***I am in love with how Bee pimped up my photo with text! I know, I know...a lot of bloggers do this, and it is nothing new, but I haven't the foggiest how it's done so I'm still so dorkily thrilled!